Potholes Patrol Update

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COLUMBIA - MoDOT crews were out on Friday filling in potholes with temporary sealants throughout the city. MoDOT said drivers won't see a permanent fix until the asphalt plants open in April.

Larry Taylor, the regional maintenance supervisor for Columbia, said that because of the winter we've had this year the potholes have been way worse than normal.

The temporary cold patches could last for up to three or four months but Taylor is skeptical because of the weather. "With the moisture the way it is, it's very hard to keep them sealed. You can go out and fix them one day and if it rains that night, you're going to lose it."

Steve Casey, a manager for Custom Complete Automotive, said the best thing a driver can do is avoid hitting a pothole. Hitting one can damage tires, bend wheels, and knock steering out of alignment, potentially causing anywhere in the upwards of a thousand dollars in repairs.

Taylor's crews began filling the potholes back in February and will continue to refill them when needed. He said that his crews will continuously be working on keeping up with the roads and believes that it will be an ongoing process.