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COLUMBIA – Harsh winter weather has left its mark on Columbia in the form of potholes. 

“Some of them will swallow your car,” Tonny Curry said. 

Dan Rohrer said, “I take the same route every day, but I wouldn’t mind waiting if they needed to fix some of them."

Many of the potholes are nearly the size of craters and several inches deep. Columbia Public Works was out Thursday to fix some of the holes on side streets and one worker said crews actually ran out of the temporary mix. 

Crews said one team alone had filled nearly 70 holes by 1:30 p.m., and all crews combined had filled around 200.

With that many potholes, many drivers are being cautious to avoid costly repairs.

Tire wheels are most prone to damage from potholes. Mechanics at places like Big O Tires have seen an increase in customers with pothole problems.

Mechanic Brian Ronchetto said hitting a pothole can cause lots of problems.

“It can bubble up the tire, cause separation of the sidewall. It can bend the wheel and throw your alignment way out of whack,” he said.

New wheels can cost hundreds of dollars per tire if they are bent too badly.

Roads are expected to worsen as ice, snow and frigid temperatures return to Columbia Friday, Sunday and Tuesday.