Poultry farming research aims for more efficient farming

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BOONVILLE - Poultry farming research is underway in Boonville to make for healthier birds and reduced heating costs in barns.

Energy Americas LLC received grant money from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to research and develop a waste heat recovery system to make poultry farming more efficient.

Heating costs account for a large operating cost for poultry growers due to the amount of fuel used to heat the barns.  To grow poultry, the temperature of the barn needs to be from 85 to 95 degrees and barns need to be constantly heated to meet those standards.

The heat recovery system being developed is supposed to ventilate waste air from inside the barn, which will pre-heat the air coming in from outside of the barn.  This pre-heating of outside air coming in will make it quicker to heat the air on the inside of the barn.

With the air being heated quicker, less fuel needs to be used to heat the barn, thus reducing heating and fuel costs.

Heartland Farm Energy general manager Bill Shelton said this new system can be a huge benefit.

"By using this waste heated air, you can raise the temperature of incoming fresh air by as much as 40 degrees in some cases."

Shelton said this will be especially benificial for the winter time.

Another aspect of the heat recovery system is that it will help make the air more fresh for the birds, which will help prevent diseases from spreading throughout the barn.