Poverty Summit

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JEFFERSON CITY - Hundreds of people from around the state gathered in the capital city Tuesday to raise awareness and learn about poverty. Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder and Collins Tuohy, who's family story was made famous in the film "The Blind Side," spoke. Kinder spoke about programs for the poor.

Tuohy told the audience about the real story and how the film affected her life. She told the audience not to place value on others, and treat everyone kindly. "This is my challenge to you. When you leave here, the next person you pass, that might be the person that will change your life. So stop, turn around and get to know someone that you didn't. Make sure you place value upon them, because that person might be the person that changes your life forever," she said.

Larry Shelton, a Jefferson City resident, attended the event. He was homeless until a few years ago, when he said he decided to turn his life around. "I was homeless, nowhere to go, sleeping in vacant houses, sleeping in abandoned cars, out there strung out on drugs and alcohol. It was a disaster. And all these negative things that I was doing created a negative life for me," Shelton said.

Shelton told KOMU it's about believing in yourself and seeing beyond your circumstances. "When you say you're sick and tired of being sick and tired then you're going to get up out of poverty, you're going to get out of that box," he said.

Shelton wrote a book called, "Posmatology," about the power of positive thinking. He graduates from CMCA's Step Up to Leadership program on Wednesday evening.