Prathersville Neighbors Say Sign is a Safety Concern

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PRATHERSVILLE - Some neighbors of 'Mari's' convenience store and gas station just off Prathersville Road said they are frustrated with a new LED sign because of its brightness and fast flashing images. 

"I think it's a pain, it's very distracting when you're trying to drive," neighbor Sarah Francis said.  "It's bright in your eyes and kind of hard to see.  It's kind of like when a cop pulls you over and the lights are flashing in your eyes and you can't see where you're going, so it's very much a hassle."

"I think somebody is going to be looking at it and they're going to have a wreck because it's right here on the curves, so it's dangerous," neighbor Nancy Welch said.

Boone County planner Uriah Mach said the sign is in violation of county sign regulation 25.5.6 that reads:

"Electronic message signs that provide changing messages are permitted provided such signs do not blink or flash at a frequency of less than one blink or flash per three seconds."

Gas station owner, Rafiqul Khan said he turned on the sign about a week and a half ago and hopes to add advertisements as soon as possible. The sign is not running ads, but instead flashes "get your message noticed" with information about the company that makes the LED signs.

Khan refused an on-camera interview because he said people will complain about anything and this was an example of that. Khan said he and his sign technician would try to turn the sign off until the advertisements were ready and would make sure the 'transitions' from graphic to graphic slowed down. 

One neighbor said the sign didn't bother him.

"I pay no attention to it when I'm driving down the road. Everybody's got signs all over the world, why worry about one?," neighbor Don Rob said.

As of 1:30 p.m. Monday, the sign was still on and flashing graphics faster than the county sign regulation allows.