Preschool owner nominated for Business Woman of the Year

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COLUMBIA-  The Columbia Daily Tribune will host its Women in Business Awards this Monday, honoring exemplary local business women.

Tamra Washburn, owner of Columbia's Cannery Row Preschool is nominated for Business Woman of the Year.

"It's a complete honor. There's a million wonderful business owners out there - women business owners. So to be one of them nominated for businesswoman of the year, it's a complete honor," said Washburn.

She started her preschool years because she wanted to stay home with her children, but she also wanted a challenged for herself.

"Well, I have a beautiful 8-year-old, and I put her in daycare. Daycare's expensive, so I felt it would be better to be a stay at home mom. You can save all your money and be a stay at home mom," Washburn said.

Soon after Washburn started the daycare in her home, she said it had a waiting list. Now it's a preschool with its own facility that accommodates 99 children.

Washburn has been recognized by the Women in Business Awards before, but says that she continues to push herself to do greater things.

"Being in business for the last few years has taught me a lot of lessons. It's been a roller coaster, it's been a lot of changes. You learn a lot. And with that, you just implement everything you learn. So you make everything better, each lesson that comes around you improve what you're doing," Washburn said.

Washburn also had some advice for women who are looking to start their own business. 

"Don't give up. Many times, things have come my way that have made me want to give up, but you can't. Continue following your dream, and don't give up. Hard times are going to come with any business. And you just have to push through it," Washburn said.

When asked why her mother should win the award, Washburn's eight-year-old daughter, Allison said, "Because she's awesome." 

The Women in Business Awards will be held this Monday, October 27 at 11:30 a.m. at the Stoney Creek Inn.