Present and Former County Commissioners Discuss County Projects

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COLUMBIA - Current Boone County Commissioners hosted a luncheon Monday afternoon to meet with men and women who served as commissioners within the past 40 years.

The county leaders held the meeting to get the opinions and advice of former officials on matters like the courthouse plaza renovations as well as upcoming work on St Charles Road and Route Z.

" A lot of the projects that they started are still underway. A lot of the things they did, like building a new jail and this building we're in right now (the Boone County Government Center), were done in troubled times, and they had to go through a lot of different steps to get these things done, and there was some public resistance to a lot of it, but they did get it done," said Presiding Commissioner Dan Atwill.

Commissioner Atwill said he hopes the input of the former county officials will help the county officials to make decisions in the best interest of Boone County.

"This is all about history, actually. We're just standing on their shoulders to do the job today that they did in years past, and the people before them did to help keep this county moving forward, and doing the things that the people of the county want done," said Commissioner Atwill.

The county leaders also discussed county contributions to changes at Columbia Regional Airport.

District I Commissioner Karen Miller also led a tour of the newly-renovated courthouse plaza following the discussion.