President Kennedy Museum Attracts Dallas' Visitors

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DALLAS - Fifty years after he was assassinated, John F. Kenendy continues to attract tourists to the Dallas area. The site of the killing on Elm street, in the historic west end of Dallas, was packed with people Monday, all of them trying to learn more about the late president.

"It's part of Dallas history, it's part of Texas history and it's part of United States history," visitor Manda Tuttle said.

The Texas School Book Depository has been converted to the Sixth Floor Museum dedicated to Kennedy, the assassination and Dallas culture in the 1960s. It is the spot where, according to government reports, Lee Harvey Oswald stood when he killed Kennedy with a sniper rifle.

The site attracts many skeptics, as well as history buffs.

"I want to see exactly what happened and see exactly where it happened," visitor Eric Stein said.

Just a couple blocks from the museum is the John F. Kennedy Memorial, which was built in 1970.