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JEFFERSON CITY - The attorney for the ex-husband of Gov. Eric Greitens' ex-mistress held a press conference Friday to address shaming and intimidation he said has come about because of the scandal surrounding the governor.

"We're dealing with a woman here who has been victimized," attorney Al Watkins said. The attorney scheduled the conference at the Jefferson City Police Department to address what he calls the demonizing of his clients ex-wife.
"[The governor is] intimidating many other victims who may be subject to the same public ridicule and shame and it's that kind of action that keeps other victims from moving forward," Watkins said.
He said the woman is not the only person receiving backlash. According to Watkins,  St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner was also on the receiving end of unkind words as well.
“Part of it is the maligning, the malicious maligning with racial undertones of a circuit attorney in the city of St.Louis," Watkins said.
In a sponsored Facebook post the governor said the attorney was "anti-law enforcement."
“That’s part of this pattern in practice that’s designed to malign, belittle, berate, and intimidate," Watkins said.

This comes after the governor's affair came to light back in January and his indictment for invasion of privacy in February. Greitens is accused of taking a non-consensual photo of his then-mistress while she was partly nude, then threatening to use the photo against her if she didn't keep the affair quiet.