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COLUMBIA - Mid-Missouri's PrideFest held its seventh festival this afternoon in downtown Columbia. 

"It got started in '04 just as a barbecue," said Doug Stone, director of Mid-Missouri PrideFest. "Just a bunch of people got together and they wanted to do something to all come together and have a good time."

PrideFest is a celebration of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and ally communities in mid-Missouri.

"We're here just having a good time and supporting everyone for being them," said Real Fake Tattoo Co. Vender Kristina Price.

The festival featured several events including the Gayest Dog Show, Pride Idol and a drag show.

"I think my favorite part is going to be the drag queen, because of the fashion thing," said Nicolle Patrick, who was attending the festival.

There were also several concerts, performed by Tom Goss, Violet Vonder Haar and Summer Osborne. Local businesses set up booths to provide information, games, merchandise and freebies.

"They have really cool things," said Alyx Merema, who was also attending the festival. "Like these bubbles!"

Many of the attendants thought the festival was a great way to show their pride.

"Like father's day or mother's day, we shouldn't have just one day or one event going on supporting everybody," said Price. "Everyday should be that kind of day and event."

PrideFest is supported by the donations of local businesses, organizations and individuals, and put together by a team of volunteers. For more information about PrideFest, visit their website.