Prop 2

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COLUMBIA - Columbia voters defeated Proposition Two Tuesday. It would have made developers pay more per square foot for building permits.

Supporters had said the money would help provide improvements to Columbia's infrastructure, especially focusing on its roads.

They began the night in an optimistic mood, especially after early polling results showed "yes" votes in the lead. However as more votes came in, the mood turned slightly darker. 

Columbia Chamber of Commerce CEO Matt McCormick was against the amendment because he said it would restrict growth.  

While roads and infrastructure needs to be addressed, McCormick said, Proposition Two was not the right way to go.

Councilman Karl Skala headed up the group in favor of the measure, saying it was needed to prevent unsustainable growth.

Skala said the defeat will cause the city to have to get money through other avenues, because the problems in infrastructure still exist.

He said the campaign had been outspent 30 to 1 and supporters relied more on supporters going door-to-door in neighborhoods and passing out fliers.

They gathered inside of the Uprise bakery to watch the results roll in after their hard work.

"It's a little David vs. Goliath" Skala said.