Prop A

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JEFFERSON CITY - Resident Arthur Brown put yard signs down in Jefferson City Sunday, urging people to vote yes on Proposition A. The vote will go to residents of the city on April 5th. If residents vote yes, Allied Waste will no longer be the city's sole trash collector.

Right now, Allied charges $15 a month for trash and recycling pickup for each household. Before the city made its contract with Allied in November of 2009, Allied only collected trash from each household. If the city votes yes, mayor John Landwehr worries the city will be sued by Allied Waste.

"Instead of me paying $15 a month for once a week trash and curbside recycling, some company's going to come out of the blue in a competitive environment and provide me that same service for $12 a month...that's crazy," Landwehr said.

Brown's citizen action committee had no opposition until this month. That's when the Citizens for Responsible Progress formed, which includes mayor Landwehr along with 4th ward council woman Carrie Carroll.

"They're trying to get the people that would normally not come out to vote during these elections to come out and vote because we have a good shot at winning this," Arthur said.

Brown would rather gives the citizens the choice whether they want Allied Waste to be the sole provider. He also would like seeing other companies try to come in to compete against Allied, but Landwehr said during the bid process in November of 2009, Allied gave the lowest bid for the city's pickup.