Prop B Protests at Capitol

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JEFFERSON CITY - Two opposing sides rallied at the capitol Wednesday over Proposition B. The rally focused on Senate Bill 113.

Senate Bill 113 removes restrictions Proposition B put into place on dogs breeders, one of them being that no more than 50 dogs can be in a facility. Dog breeders say the limit on dogs hurts their business because they can't sell as many. Animal rights groups say the limit on the number of dogs ensures all dogs are tested and cared for properly. 

The Humane Society of the United States, ASPCA and Best Friends Animal Society rallied to protect Proposition B. Prop B passed in November in an elected vote. The groups rallied to protect proposition B stating that "The will of the people should be respected, not overturned."

The opposing team was Stand Up for Animal Agriculture. Around 700 supporters stood outside the State Capitol asking for Missourians in opposition to stay out of their business.