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COLUMBIA - Boone County voters did not approve the EPIC Tax Proposal on Tuesday's ballot.

Proposition EPIC would have increased all sales tax in Boone County 1/8th of a cent.

Supporters of the proposal said the money would have benefited Boone County Fair Grounds, county parks, and the economy in general. Most of the money from the tax would have created a park around the fair grounds and enhanced the Central Missouri Events Center.

"It's estimated that 33 to 40 percent of visitors pay our sales tax now, and sales taxes keep this going, so it's like a cycle, we get more people to visit, they pay the sales tax, more money is brought in, we can improve it," Bondi Wood Co-Chair for Proposition EPIC Committee said.

Those who opposed the proposal said the Boone County Fair has been losing money for the past three years.

"There are many caring citizens who care about the fair grounds," Steve Spellman of Keep Boone County Free said. "A private non-for-profit organization should take over the property."

Both parties said they were happy with their campaigns. Spellman said he was happy the public got a taste of both sides.

"I think that voters deserve more complete information, they deserve a counter-point in any type of election, any type of issue, and stepping forward the last three weeks we changed the dialogue," Spellman said.