Prop K Morning Live

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FULTON - Many Callaway County residents will see a new initiative on their August 7 ballots. Proposition K is proposed by Fulton Public Schools.

Prop K asks taxpayers within the district to approve an increase of the operating tax levy ceiling from $3.3 to $3.8948 per $100 in assessed property value. That is a $.5698 increase. The debt service levy would remain steady at $0.7612 per $100.

This is the first time in 15 years FPS has requested a levy increase.
Fulton officials say the funds will be used to maintain mental health resources for students. The funds will also go towards retaining its teaching staff by offering competitive salaries.

"Our Board of Education has managed to have balanced budgets the last fifteen years, and we do not have a balanced budget coming forward this year unless we get this tax levy," the FPS superintendent, Jacque Cowherd, said.

It comes down to more than just money, according to Cowherd.

If Prop K is not approved, FPS will not only see several cuts in mental health resources offered to students but also cuts in the district's budget leading to personnel lay-offs.

"We're going to work every possible solution we possibly can to keep our faculty at work. We've got some great young teachers and we really hate to lose those people, so we're going to do everything we can to hang on to them," Cowherd said.

FPS represents about 47% of students in Callaway County. Cowherd worries the quality of learning will be reduced if Prop K is not passed.

District officials are planning an information meeting on July 26 at the Fulton High School Commons.