Property crimes have increased in Columbia

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COLUMBIA - Some property crimes have increased in Columbia, according to Uniform Crime Reports (UCR).

New numbers show 493 burglaries were reported so far this year, compared to only 316 last year. 

Jerry East, a crime analyist for the Columbia Police Department, said although burglaries have increased, larceny theft has decreased.

As of last month, 1408 thefts were reported, which is signifcantly less than the 1876 that were reported by this time last year.

Burglaries involve entering a structure when not invited, while theft covers a broader spectrum of locations such as cars and open spaces.

Rodney Davis, who had his car broken into last week in the MO-X parking lot, said, "I just got back and it was like midnight and I was ready to go and I saw that my car had been broken into."

Davis said others should know not to not leave their car unattended for a long period of time and to keep valuables out of plain sight.