Proposal Would Change Law for Storage Unit Tenants

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JEFFERSON CITY- The Missouri Senate is scheduled to discuss a proposal Monday that would require storage unit facilities to publicize when tenants have not paid their storage unit bills.

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Senate bill 837 proposes storage facilities planning to auction off units unpaid by tenants must advertise in a local newspaper, identifying the tenant.

The notification would be found in the 'Classified' section of the newspaper.

The proposed bill includes a multi-step process that leads to the auction of one's items, including multiple forms of contact from the storage facility for payment.

Storage Mart Vice President of Marketing Tron Jordheim said the company follows the same procedures proposed in the bill as another form of trying to contact the tenant to pay their bills. This procedure is stated in Storage Mart leases.

Jordheim said it takes multiple notifications before a tenant's storage unit goes up to auction, including phone calls, extra locks on the unit, and mail.

In the bill it states that at any time before an auction of the items, the tenant can pay the necessary amount of money to redeem their property.