Proposed Changes to Tent Permit Requirements

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COLUMBIA -The City of Columbia is discussing changes to tent permit requirements, less than a month after a tent collapsed in St. Louis, killing a Cardinals' fan and injuring nearly 100 others. The Community Development Department is meeting at 5 p.m. Tuesday evening to discuss changes to tent permit requirements. The meeting will discuss proposed changes to International Fire Code (IFC) tent requirements and how staff should handle tent permits.

Currently businesses using temporary tents must obtain a permit, and cannot keep the tent up for more than 180 days during a one-year period. Proposed changes will look into: tent separation standards, special event tent permits, how long a tent can be up, parking and loading concerns, and adequate signs throughout tent structures.

Although the changes come so close after the tent collapse in St. Louis, Columbia Fire Chief Steve Sapp says this meeting was not planned because of the collapse.

Visit the city's website for a detailed list of the proposed changes. There is also the full council report and a copy of the proposed tent application.