Proposed downtown CVS will go in front of city council again

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COLUMBIA  - Representatives of the proposed CVS on the corner of Providence and Broadway will appear in front of the Columbia City Council again Tuesday.

The company is making second request for an easement release. The first request was denied in April.

CVS is offering to construct new sewer facilities that would be accessible from Broadway and Fourth Street in case the city needs to access the lines. The city council denied CVS's original sewer easement agreement because the sewer pipes run  beneath the property.

Fifth Ward council member Laura Nauser said she plans to vote yes on the new easement proposal, now that CVS is suggesting the new facilities. She said the previous plan was flawed.

"Right now the easement for the sewer goes underneath the building and city staff and council felt that's not acceptable," Fifth Ward Councilwoman Laura Nauser said. "Going forward that's not good and proper planning, because, if there was a problem on that sewer line, we'd have to dig up the building."

Some other members of city council said they see a problem with CVS's building plans, citing concerns over the top floor.

Third Ward council member Karl Skala said, "I'm inclined not to support the easement tonight because of the non-functional second floor."

A city ordinance passed last year focused on second-floor use.

"This ordinance C-2 zoning was passed last year, in my mind, as an attempt to thwart the CVS development going forward," Nauser said.

Nauser said she voted against the ordinance because she felt it was being used as an obstacle to slow down some changes in downtown.