Proposed homeowners tax increase would fund police, firefighters

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia City Council will hear a proposal Monday for a property tax increase designed to fund more police officers and firefighters.

If passed, the tax rate will be thirty cents per one hundred dollars of value, phased in over five years. So for those home owners who have a $200,000 house, the first year's increase would be $192, according to documents from the City Manager's office.

Columbia Battalion Fire Chief Brad Fraizer said he is happy to have any additonal revnue.

"The city of Columbia continues to grow at a pretty good pace. The Columbia Fire Department could use more personnel to keep up with that growing population," he said, "which in turn helps keep our response time where we want it, which is really what this is all about, getting to the emergency scenes as quick as we can."

If the tax increase passes, it is projected to generate six millon dollars in public safety funds.