Proposition B Brings Smoking Tax to Ballots

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COLUMBIA - If Missouri voters approve Proposition B on Tuesday, smokers will pay a state tax of 90 cents on each pack of cigarettes.

Local gas stations have "vote no" signs outside trying to sway voters, but some voters are still locked on their decision.

Dan Foye said, "I will vote yes for proposition B. I believe since taxes are already at a low rate, I don't smoke cigarettes, and money is going to a great cause. So why not?"

Other voters like Sammy Porter said they are against the proposition because the wording for it is too vague. Porter is a smoker but said, "I actually have grandsons I never want to smoke, I have told them that many times. I don't feel the money will be appropriated right. As, I understand it will probably go under general funds."

The money from the additional tax is supposed to go toward elementary, secondary, and college education. The proposition is estimated to produce an extra $283 million to $423 million dollars annually.

But it would also increase the cost of a single cigarette by three cents, and there would be a 25 percent increase of the manufacturers' invoice price for roll your own cigarettes, and 15 percent for other tobacco products.