Proposition B Repeal

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JEFFERSON CITY - With just a few weeks left in the legislative session, Governor Nixon signed into law Wednesday a bill that repeals many of the restrictions voters approved last year with Proposition B. But, Proposition B discussions aren't over yet. Lawmakers also voted on a compromise bill called Missouri Solution.

The bill Nixon signed eliminates a cap on owning 50 breeding dogs and rolls back various requirements on dogs' living conditions that had been included in a ballot measure passed last November. Instead, breeders would need to provide appropriate space for dogs based on regulations set by the Department of Agriculture. Operators also would pay more for licenses and help finance a program that cracks down on unlicensed breeders.

The compromise bill gives dog breeders more time to comply with expanded housing requirements. This bill still imposes the 50-dog limit, but also adds more than $1 million for enforcement and inspections. In a prepared statement, Nixon said the compromise ensures the proper care and treatment of dogs, while also protecting Missouri's agricultural industry.

KOMU took to Twitter and Facebook to ask our viewers, "What do you think about Governor Nixon signing the bill?"

On Facebook:

  • "I'm not a Nixon fan, but am pleased with this." -April Dawn
  • "The government is trying to control everything else, why not eliminate our right to make decisions by voting? It is sad for the dogs." -Erin Zumwalt
  • "I'm glad this happened...Ithink people were badly misinformed about Prop. B."- Heidi Kelly Baybrook

On Twitter:

  • @moburningbird: "His decision was a purely political one-- pandering to special interests and showing disrespect for voters."
  • @mzliz247: "Prop. B was impractical to begin with. Glad it is being revised."

Next, the Senate will need to vote on the compromise before it can head to the Governor's desk.