Proposition S Draws Attention

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MOBERLY - On Tuesday Moberly residents will vote on whether to approve Proposition S. Proposition S is the $16.2 million bond issue to fund the renovation and expansion of Moberly High School.

The issue has drawn supporters, but also opponents who say they don't want another property tax increase.

"This will be the second proposition passed in the last six months that will increase our property tax," Moberly resident Ivy Taylor said.

"The quality of the facilities the school district directly affects the students," Bobby Riley, school board member, said. "Over the years we have provided excellent facilities for our students in our younger grades, now it is time to address the issues at our high school."

Taylor agrees something needs to be done with the school, but says the funding for the project will cause her to vote against Prop S.

"I am going to be voting no because I don't think they are responsible for the $16.2 million they are asking for," Taylor said. "There has not been any type of itemization on how that money is going to be spent or how they arrived at that figure."

Corey Mehaffy, president of Moberly Economic Development, said the development team voted unanimously to support the bond issue in their meeting.

"From an economic development standpoint, it is very important to have a good quality education," Mehaffy said. "The students today are the workforce tomorrow."