Prospective Students and Families "Experience Stephens College"

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COLUMBIA - Stephens College played host Friday to prospective students and their families visiting for "Experience Stephens College" weekend. One focus for the students interested in the school is the dance program. Current dancers and instructors guided prospective students through a dance audition, where technique and choreography could be learned.

One student drove 6 hours to return for an audition.

"The school was amazing when I first cam here to visit in May," said dancer Megan Tiefenthaler. "I just felt like I was at home, and the classes were amazing; the teachers were so good."

The dancers were also challenged by the instructors.

"I think just because every choreographer is different," said dancer Alia Carlberg. "The technique and the steps on going one way and going another are just different and you have to get used to it."

After auditioning, some of the dancers and families planned to stay the night on Stephens campus to gain the full experience.

"Experience Stephens College" will begin again Saturday at 9 a.m. and end with the fashion exhibit at 3 p.m.