Protection measures behind the Pooch Plunge

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COLUMBIA - Columbia's outdoor public pools are officially closed Tuesday, but some four-legged friends get to enjoy one last day at the pool.

The annual "Pooch Plunge" event is set to take place Tuesday at the Albert-Oakland Family Aquatic Center in Columbia.

Dogs can bring some pesky problems to pools especially during warmer months.
KOMU 8 investigated what takes place behind the scenes at the pool.

Luckily, the Albert-Oakland Family Aquatic Center is prepared in three different ways for today's "Pooch Plunge" event taking place tonight from 6:30-7:30pm.

To limit the risk of drowning, dogs will only be allowed to swim in the shallow pool under lifeguard and owner supervision.

Pool staff member Lindy Watson said, "another reason to keep the dogs in the baby pool is that we can change the chemical levels a lot faster."

Watson said chemicals regularly get checked every 2 hours to maintain maximum effectiveness.

Experts at the American Kennel Club recommend people who own floppy-eared dogs take extra precautions in properly drying their ears. Doing so reduces the chance for getting an infection.

The "Pooch Plunge" is open to all breeds and costs $4 dollars per dog.