Protesters hold Tax Day rally outside Rep. Luetkemeyer's office

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JEFFERSON CITY — Jefferson City residents gathered outside U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer's office Saturday asking for an open town hall and protesting President Donald Trump as the tax deadline looms.  

The protest was scheduled for April 15, normally Tax Day. However, since the date fell on a Saturday, the official deadline is April 18 this year. 

Protesters argued regular citizens have to pay taxes, but do not know whether President Trump has because he hasn't disclosed his tax returns. 

Jefferson City resident Tony Smith was one of those protesters. He said not releasing tax returns makes President Trump hard to trust.

"It's a Tax Day protest, among other things," Smith said. "We're protesting because President Trump hasn't provided his tax returns and we feel like there must be a reason why he's not doing that." 

People were also asking for a change from Luetkemeyer. They said he only holds telephone town halls, which aren't as open as they seem. 

"We've been asking him for a town hall forum where we can actually express ourselves," Smith said. "He does the telephone town hall forums but those are screened and if you get in line to make a comment on the telephone town halls you seldom get called because they know what your questions are in advance." 

When it came to other issues, like the environment and the investigation into Russian meddling in the election,  Smith said protesters were also asking for more transparency from Congress and the current administration. 

"There's just a lot of things that are disturbing, I think, that have suddenly changed with the incoming of Donald Trump," Smith said. "Who wants to be out here on an Easter weekend? We're here because we're scared, we're upset and we're mad."