Protestors Upset With Mo. Abortion Bill

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JEFFERSON CITY - Protestors gathered at the Capitol Thursday morning to express their concern with the Legislature's decision to send a controversial abortion bill to Gov. Jay Nixon's desk. 

Missouri women have to wait at least 24 hours to have an abortion after consulting a medical professional. The Legislature has finalized a proposal to change that "cooling off" period to 72 hours. 

Protestors upset with the decision provided their testimonials on the steps of the Capitol building early Thursday morning. 

Gov. Nixon has not said whether he will sign the bill into law.

There is only one abortion clinic in Missouri, in St. Louis, so women from rural parts of the state would have to make two trips or plan to stay in St. Louis for at least three days.

If this bill becomes law, Missouri would join South Dakota and Utah as the only states with a 72-hour waiting period.