Public Forum Will Discuss Hog Farm Proposal

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CALLAWAY COUNTY - A public forum will be held at Hatton McCredie Elementary School Tuesday night at 7 to discuss a proposed hog farm off Route HH near Fulton. A neighbor said she wants more information regarding her environmental concerns.  

"You know it's a very large operation," Leanne Spurling said. "I'd like to know what it's going to do to the groundwater. We are on well-water. I'd like to know what it's going to do the air quality. Obviously, we breathe this air. I grow my food here in this neighborhood. We have a lot of concerns."

Eichelberger Farms, an Iowa-based farm company, wants to bring more than 10,000 hogs to the area. The company is purchasing land in Callaway County from Darren Horstmeier.

"For one, it enlarges and advances agriculture in the area," Horstmeier said. "I think that's a plus. It always is."

Horstemier also said the project will add 25 jobs.

Jeff Jones is another neighbor in the area. He has concerns about how the new facility will impact his quality of life. He and his neighbors will bring those concerns to the meeting.

"Some of the main questions were concerns about the environment, the changes that'll be taking place and how the taxpayers dollars are gonna be spent."

Jones said he spoke to David Eichelberger, of Eichelberger Farms, this past week. He said Eichelberger was very polite and understood the concerns neighbors have, adding that no one wants to live next to one of these facilities but the company doesn't have the means to go somewhere less populated at this time.

Jones' main goal at the meeting Tuesday night is to educate the public so that informed decisions can be made.

"The information needs to be accurate and complete. If we just get parts and pieces or possibly none at all, then the fear of the unknown creates emotion and that seems to stimulate negative effects."

All members of the public are invited to attend the forum.