Public forums to be held for Jefferson City neighborhood improvements

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JEFFERSON CITY - Some parts of Jefferson City might be getting a future face lift.

Capital Region Medical Center is hosting the first of four public forums regarding neighborhood betterment in the areas of Old Munichburg, Southside, Lincoln University and Jefferson City High School Tuesday evening.

The Center has partnered with a St. Louis based design firm, local business owners and civic and community leaders to create a shared discussion on improvements that could be made to the area.

Capital Region Medical Center President Gaspare Calvaruso said the hospital strives to make the entire community around it safe and inviting.

"Capital Region Medical Center initiated a community study with H3 studios because we feel a strong obligation to invest in the community around us," Calvaruso said in a statement. "We are here to promote the health and wellness for the people and communities we serve and that starts with vibrant healthy environments. It's our goal for this project to gain momentum and for those involved to become engaged and take the lead to improve our neighborhood and community."

Elements of the improvements could include anything from urban design and landscape to sustainability and coding. 

If discussion in these public forums reaches a resolution for improvement, the plans are expected to be presented to the city.

Forty-year Jefferson City resident Darlene Grillos said she has a few issues that readily come to mind that need improvement.

 “I like to see what has happened," Grillos said. "But I think that repairing a little bit of the sidewalk issues that we’ve had, better lighting in the parking lot areas to also help upgrade in this area would be nice."

Grillos said the relationship among business owners is what makes the area special.

“The camaraderie between the neighbors is like living in a small neighborhood," Grillos said. "If somebody leaves on vacation, we check each other's mail, or get each other's boxes. It’s just the unity that the neighborhood has.”

Tuesday's public forum is scheduled for 6 p.m.