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COLUMBIA - The Columbia City Council is taking public input on a parking garage it plans to build on Short Street near the Field House and the Regency Hotel. It is holding a public hearing Monday at 7 p.m. at City Hall to get feedback on details concerning the design and construction of the garage.

The Council needs to decide whether the new garage will end Short Street or whether the street will continue through the garage. It also needs to determine the design, the number of levels, and facade of the garage as well as whether the new garage should have commercial rental property similar to the 5th and Walnut Garage that opened earlier this year.

The Council has approved a resolution to borrow up to $9,175,000 as principal to pay for the land acquisition and construction of the garage.

The Council expressed the desire for the Short Street parking garage to have at least 340 parking spaces at its meeting on August 31. The different potential designs of the garage are located in the PDF below. The council expressed option C as the preferred design for the building with option C-1 as the preferred facade. The Council is considering building the parking garage with an additional level not seen in the drawings.

Last year the city hired Walker Parking Consultants to assess the need of an additional parking garage downtown. Walker's study recommended building a parking garage with 422-524 spaces.

Short Street Parking Garage Designs