Public Hearing Looks to Decrease Heroin Use

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City Police Department held a public meeting Thursday to talk about a growing problem in its community, heroin.  The meeting featured police and narcotics officers, doctors, and past heroin users.

Cole county has already had twelve cases dealing with heroin, and officers have seen a rise in use since 2008.  According to the MUSTANG drug task force, 4 percent of all known drug use was heroin.  By 2010, the number was up to thirty percent, and heroin was considered the second most popular drug.  Marijuana was the first. 

Most people were looking to get more information on heroin and figuring out how they could help.  Debbie Rooney was one of many people there, who was looking for more information on the drug that killed her son. 

When asked why she came, she said it was for healing and, "...maybe prevent other parents groing though what I have been through." 

There has been a steady increase in deaths resulting from heroin since 2003. The average age of an overdose is in the mid twenties.

Common signs and symptoms of people on heroin include being lethargic, barely being able to see the pupil in the eyes, withdrawing from friends and family, and anxious when not on the drug.