Public Reacts to Proposed Plan to Add More Police Officers

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COLUMBIA - Mayor Bob McDavid wants taxpayers to spend $3.5 million to hire 35 new police officers.

McDavid thinks this is the best way to curb the increase in violent crime that Columbia has seen in 2013 compared to what it saw in 2012 over the same amount of time.

KOMU 8 News went around Columbia to talk to residents and get reaction to this proposed plan.

"I don't think it would do anything to help Columbia," Eric Collins said. "I think Columbia should spend the money to develop something prevention programs. Anything that [could help] get the young black youth jobs." Collins said he thinks getting youth jobs would help decrease violence.

"A lot of kids, that's all they want is a job," Collins said. "The biggest battle is right here in America. Why should it be a fight on our soil?"

"I feel like money could be well spent on other issues such as street repairs, and fixing up the neighborhoods." Earline Lacy said. "More police officers would add more tension to the situation." Lacy said she thinks $3.5 million spent on new police officers would be a waste of money.

"I've seen plenty of police presence around here when things go wrong or an incident happens," Lacy said. "There's enough police officers to handle the job."