Public Works is proactive with pothole repair

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COLUMBIA - With the potential for winter weather in the coming weekend, you might be concerned about developing potholes. But Columbia Public Works said when it comes to winter weather damage, engineers have already been, and plan to continue being proactive with prevention and repairs.

"We're pursuing cracked sealing, which will help prevent potholes. So if a crack does develop along any of our roadways, we're filling that crack so that water doesn't intrude and break apart the surface. The best pothole repair is one that never occurs because we've kept it from happening," said Richard Stone, engineering manager at Columbia Public Works.

Stone said preventative measures and repairs taken during the winter months are temporary fixes. Public Works regularly patrols the streets and uses what's called "cold mix" to fill cracks and potholes for now, but he said when the weather warms up, the holes will be filled permanently with asphalt.

The best thing to do when you do come across a pothole is to slow down and avoid swerving so that you don't hit another car. Stone said to give Public Works a call or report it on its website whenever you run into a pothole.

"Typically if somebody lets us know, we take steps for that pothole in the same day," said Stone.

KOMU 8 News drove throughout downtown Columbia and in surrounding neighborhoods, East, West and North of downtown and found very few potholes. Several Columbia residents said they are happy with the roads and have not noticed many potholes.