Public Works to Connect Veterans With Missing Medals

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JEFFERSON CITY - With Veteran's Day on the horizon, the State Treasurer's Office is still looking to connect more than 100 war medals and insignia it has stored with their rightful owners.

The medals are a part of the state's Unclaimed Property Division. Treasurer Clint Zweifel's office collects the medals from safe deposit boxes sent in from around the state.

"When Treasurer Zweifel first took office, military medals found in unclaimed property were included in auctions," said Treasury director of communications Meghan Lewis. 

Zweifel ended the practice of auctioning off military medals, and just this summer, the legislature passed into law a measure that allowed the office to share the names of the owners of the safe deposit boxes.

"Medals are the representation of the sacrifice of families and the individuals that served," Lewis said. "Finding these veterans and their families and helping them share this part of their families story is very important to us."

Since the law allowing name-sharing passed this summer, the Treasurer's office has connected 59 medals and insignia with families or original owners.

"Everyone's very happy to have the medals back," Lewis said. "Some of them didn't know where they had gone. There have been stories where the individual has passed away and now they have that representation to show what they did and the stories that go along with it for future generations."

KOMU 8 News reached out to all three Columbia names on the list. One family said they were planning to collect the Purple Heart Medal of their late father. We were unable to connect with the other two.

To access the full list of unclaimed war medals click here to visit the Treasurer's website.