Pumpkin shortage leaves bakeries with decision to make

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COLUMBIA - This year's pumpkin shortage has left local bakeries with decisions to make this Thanksgiving in regard to pumpkin pie prices.

Heavy summer rain and a dry September have left Missouri and several Midwestern states with a shortage of the crop.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, some bakeries have taken this into account as they begin prep work for holiday orders.

Manager of the Velvet Cupcake Cafe, Kayla Glydewell, said her business will pay more for the pumpkin needed to make the pies.

"It's going to cost us a little more to get the pumpkin, but we'll still be able to get the same amount . Our distributor says it'll be fine," Glydewell said.

Despite the increase in costs on her end, Gyldewell said the cost for pumpkins will not be reflected in the price of her pumpkin pies.

"We have repeat customers that do come back for the same holidays and the same events, and so we want our prices to stay consistent for them, even if we won't be making the same amount of money or we might lose a little in some circumstance. We would rather people come back and know what they are getting from us," Glydewell said.

For customers shopping at the Velvet Cupcake Cafe that will mean $24 per pie.

Both the Uprise Bakery and The Upper Crust said they will have a better idea of what the shortage will mean for their pumpkin pies in the next week or so.

Columbia resident Ray Synder said while pumpkin pie is by no means his favorite, he is willing to pay extra for the pies if need be.

“If it’s good food, it’s good food, and I am always willing pay extra for good food,” Synder said.

Regardless of the bakery Columbians shop at, Glydewell advised customers to get their orders in as soon as possible.