Questions Remain After Legislature's Final Day

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Legislature completed its final day of the current session Friday night.

Both the senate and the house said they were pleased with the work done during this session, but there are still several outstanding issues that now fall to Governor Jay Nixon.

The house and the senate both said the student transfer bill that would allow students in failing districts to transfer to other schools was one of the most important pieces of legislation passed this session.

However, governor Nixon has publicly opposed part of the bill that would allow student transfers to private schools. Senate and House leaders are worried Nixon will veto the bill instead of signing it into law.

"If the governor vetoes this issue then he owns it and he has to come up with a solution," said Speaker of the House Timothy Jones. "So I will challenge him to propose and work wit us...and you saw that when this governor wants to, he can actually engage with the legislature, be a leader and get things done."

House and Senate leaders also expressed frustration with what they called a "lack of involvement" from the governor during the current session.

Other pieces of legislation that were passed included a bill to form new state academic standards and a bill that would legalize a type of marijuana oil for medical uses.

The legislature will also wait to see what Nixon decides on the bill that would increase the wait time required before getting an abortion from 24 to 72 hours.