Quilt lovers join forces for a quilting retreat

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COLUMBIA - Local quilt lovers are coming together for the first time this year for a three-day retreat.

The retreat is on Saturday, Sunday and Monday at Appletree Quilting Center.

The attendees will bond together over movies, snacks and thread. Everyone in the group is female.

General Manager Wendy Rothermich said it's easy to leave old projects in the past.

"Everybody will be starting and finishing projects they want to get done for 2017 or start the new year with a new resolution, saying that they want to learn a new craft," Rothermich said, "So people come together, and [to] be with friends and learn something new or finish something that they started, but they never really got back to it."

Visitor Glenda Moum said she joined for that specific reason. 

"I've been working on this for a long time and I knew that the women that I took the class from was going to be here tonight," Moum said, "So I could get some questions answered and make some decisions on layout and what I needed to do next."

Organizers said the retreat is not an annual event. Rothermich said the retreat is scheduled whenever interested people tend to have time off, such as a holiday. She also said it's the reason why she picked this holiday weekend for the retreat.

Some visitors said they created quilts for relatives, while others like Moum said they made one for themselves.

"I've decided I like it so much I'm going to keep it for myself, I was thinking I might give it away but once we put it up on the design wall, I said 'no that's too pretty, I'm going to make it bigger and keep it for myself,'" Moum said. 

Rothermich said no matter who participants make the quilts for, she wanted everyone involved to take away good memories. She also said the event has three purposes.

"Having fun, being able to get something done, and also just meet new people," Rothermich said.

Rothermich also said schedules for spring classes will be released on Sunday, Jan. 28 at 2 p.m.