Quinton\'s demolition scheduled for Tuesday

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COLUMBIA - The demolition of Quinton's Bar and Deli is scheduled for Tuesday pending weather conditions, according to Columbia public information specialist Steven Sapp.

Brinkmann Construction, a construction company based out of Chesterfield, picked up a permit Monday, saying there would be a "major demolition" on Tuesday. 

This comes a week after the demolition of the building was postponed because workers were still clearing equipment out of the business, and crews finished demolishing the historic James Apartments to clear land for the student housing. 

Parts of the surrounding sidewalks and streets will be closed around the construction site, once the demolition begins.

Joanne Cowan, a Columbia resident, said she thinks the city has other things to focus on other than building more student housing. 

"I think it's overkill," Cowan said. "Whether it is student apartments or just apartments, they need other infrastructure. What about the sewers, the water, the places to park."

Resident Desiree Long said, "I think it is basically like the Joni Mitchell song 'They Paved Paradise and Put Up a Parking Lot,' except in this case, it's student housing."

Fields Holdings Company, a developer based out of California, plans to start construction in April of new downtown student housing. 

Student Allison Quibley said MU has other problems to be handling other than student housing. 

"With the number of students coming in, and the closing of four residents halls now, Mizzou really needs to handle its own problems and not spend so much time worrying about student housing," Quibley said. "There are also a lot of other things going on at campus too."

KOMU 8 has followed this story since the student housing proposal was approved earlier this year.