Race fans raise money for children with arthritis

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SWEET SPRINGS - Race fans teamed up with a 10-year-old girl at Sweet Springs Motor Sports Complex to raise money for Arthritis Foundation Saturday.

Graci Diggs, from Tipton, first learned that she has Juvenile Arthritis when she was 4. Now she is in remission and working with her family and friends seek to help for children who have arthritis.

During the race, the group raffled several items, including tickets to Cardinals games, some racing gear and art works made by inmates of Tipton Correctional Center. The raffle was organized with Braydon Renfro Racing.

Kyle Renfro, a Diggs family friend, came up with the idea for fund raising.

"We got some people in the stands tonight that normally would not come to races, but they came tonight because we are raising money for Graci and for the Arthritis foundation," Renfro said, "Hopefully this is something what we will do every year."

Race fans were able to buy tickets for $1 or six for $5. At the end of the race, Graci's team gave out 18 raffle prizes.

The raffle raised $525 and with donations from race winners, the total was $625.

This year, Graci is a National Youth Honoree for a Jingle Bell Run/Walk. She has a goal to raise 10 thousands dollars that will go towards research for Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and to help children with arthritis attend camps.

"I just do it for other kids who have arthritis." Graci said, "We will find a cure some day, just to have kids that don't have to suffer like me."


Graci's family is planning more fund raising events for Arthritis foundation this year.