Radio Improvements For Emergency Services

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JEFFERSON CITY - Cole County Commissioners met Wednesday morning to discuss a new radio system for emergency services. A federal mandate requires that all public safety agencies operate on a different bandwidth.

The Cole County Sheriff Department, Capitol Police, Highway Patrol and Missouri Department of Conservation are operating on the Missouri Statewide Interoperability Network, or MOSWIN. MOSWIN has more transmitters. The new system provides better communication between officers and agencies.

"The other day I was able to reach out to the road on a five watt, portable. That's a huge increase for our people. The purpose being the most when our people have the best coverage we've ever had," said Cole County Sheriff Greg White.

Jefferson City Police will not be dispatching on MOSWIN. Chief of Police Roger Schroeder said the city does not have enough money to change systems. Schroeder also said the switch isn't necessary for his team because their radios are compatible. The radios used by Jefferson City Police are already in compliance with the federal mandate for the new requirements.

Police received two MOSWIN transmitters in Jefferson City through a grant, but they have not yet been installed. One will be at the fire station and the other location has not yet been determined.