Ragtag Cinema Raises Money to Go Digital

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COLUMBIA - Ragtag Cinema has moved its robot "Lumen" to the PS: Gallery to try and attract more support for its campaign to go digital. The non-profit business is still seeking pledges for donations to fund a new digital projector. All small theaters will have to convert to digital in order to show new release films by 2013.

With only a couple of months until the new year, Ragtag is urging the public to donate. So far, the theater has raised more than $65,300 in pledges on its Kickstarter fundraising site. Ragtag must raise about $15,000 in pledges in the next eight days to meet its goal of $80,000. If the theater does not meet this goal in time, it will have to start all over.

"If you get that goal worth of pledges you get all the money, but if you don't reach the goal you don't get any of the pledges. They just don't get taken from people's bank accounts or credit cards, so it's like we did all of this work for nothing," said Lindsay McMurry, a projectionist for Ragtag.

McMurry has high hopes for the next coming days. She said the theater received about $3,000 in pledges on Thursday alone and they expect more donations to come in as the fundraiser draws to a close.