Rain closes roads and affects buildings easily damaged by water

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COLUMBIA - The recent rain caused several road closures in Boone County Wednesday and is also threatening buildings.

Boone County Emergency Management had reports of water over seven roadways as of 3:15 p.m. Wednesday. Emergency service providers and road maintenance crews in Boone County report when there is water over the roadways and update the website.

Welcome Home, Inc. is a non-profit community-based program that houses veterans working to get back on their feet. Board Vice President Terry Roberts said the building on Rangeline Street is almost 50 years old and has a hard time keeping rain out.

"Anytime we have substantial downpour, we just get a rush of water that comes in through the windows or underneath the door on the west side of the building," Roberts said. "To the point where it just floods the basement to where there's anywhere from an inch to two inches of standing water."

Roberts said luckily this round of rain hasn't caused as much damage as in the past.

"It's just not to the degree of an inch or two of standing water," he said. "But anytime there is hard rain, it doesn't have to be a lot of rain, but hard rain with a lot of winds it can come in through the windows."

Roberts said every time it rains, the Welcome Home staff has to use squeegees to try and push the water out to the drains.

"It damages the furniture, file cabinets and most importantly, the veterans who live here aren't able to have sustainable conditions when they have water standing inside the building that they're trying to get back on their feet in," he said.