Rain Drowns Sales for Local Plant Nurseries

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COLUMBIA - Some area plant nurseries are losing business because of the recent cold, wet weather in mid-Missouri.

CMSE Giving Gardens was covering many of its plants Thursday evening in preparation for more rain. Bill Regan, manager for Giving Gardens, said the company's sales have greatly suffered this year because of bad weather. He said it has only made 10 percent of the sales this year compared to the 50 percent of sales it made the same time last year.

"It's been a real slow year because every time things start to look good, things go back to too cold, too wet, or both," Regan said.

Regan said the business built a new waterproof roof for the outdoor garden this year that has plastic walls that can be rolled down to cover some of the plants at night and keep them warm with an outdoor heater.

"It's a matter of just trying to keep the plants sort of comfortable until the next day," Regan said.

Bart Piotter, a salesman for E.C. Piotter & Sons Nursery, also said the weather is affecting plant sales. He said customers simply have to wait longer to plant, so the business temporarily suffers when planting is delayed.

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