Rainbow House Deemed National Safe Place on Tuesday

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COLUMBIA - Rainbow House in Columbia will be the fifth location in Missouri deemed a National Safe Place or a place for youth to come in a time of need for safety and advice.

A ceremony will be held at noon on Tuesday at Columbia's Rainbow House to officially make it a National Safe Place. The Youth Community Coalition is the other National Safe Place in Mid-Missouri.

National Safe Places throughout the country strive to provide immediate help and resources for all young people in crisis. According to the National Safe Place's website, between 1.7 and 2.8 million runaway and homeless youth live on the street each year. Each safe house's goal is to reduce this number and to be a resource for the youth in need.

The Rainbow House considers the youth to be between the ages of 12 and 17, but will help the youth younger and older than those ages as well.

The National Safe Place website established questions for youth thinking about running away. 
1. What else can I do to improve my home situation before I leave?
2. What would make me stay at home?
3. How will I survive?
4. Is running away safe?
5. Who can I count on to help me?
6. Am I being realistic?
7. Have I given this enough thought?
8. What are my other options?
9. If I end up in trouble, who will I call?
10. When I return home, what will happen?

National Safe Places have yellow and black diamond- shaped signs in their windows.  To find out more information about National Safe Houses, visit their website.