Rainy winter along warming weather means more mold

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COLUMBIA – As spring approaches, the owner of one local company encourages people to look out for mold.

“Mold is a pretty steady business for us. We’re constantly getting calls. We probably average somewhere around 20 calls a week for mold remediation,” said Adam Kinser, the owner of ServiceMaster of Columbia.

The excessive rain this past winter hasn’t helped the problem, according to Kinser.

“Every year, typically about this time through the spring time, you see a lot of rain issues, a lot of water that’s intruding from the outside and that carries with it bacteria. So that’s actually going to cause mold to grow faster,” Kinser said.

Mold isn’t a covered loss under most forms of homeowner’s insurance. Kinser said this can make the problem worse as people try to fix it themselves. He recommends reaching out to a professional in cases involving water damage.

Aside from damaging buildings, mold can also hurt people’s health. 

“When mold is encountered by different people, everybody reacts differently. Some people can smell it, some people can’t smell it.,” Kinser said.

For example, Kinser said his sinuses act up around mold, while his father’s lips tingle.

Andrea Waner of Columbia/Boone County Public Health and Human Services said it’s normal for different people to respond to mold in different ways.

“The presence of mold does not present a health risk in most cases, but we recommend that if you or your family member experience some sort of signs or symptoms that you think are related to mold exposure that you contact your physician,” Waner said.