Razorbacks Welcome Tigers to the SEC

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. - Nineteen years ago the Arkansas Razorbacks were once the babies of the SEC conference. This title now belongs to the University of Missouri Tigers.

The University of Arkansas and University of Tennessee joined the Southeastern Conference in 1992.
KOMU 8 visited the two teams as they faced each other in Razorback country.

Razorback fans have mixed emotions when it comes to welcoming Mizzou into the conference.

"We're going to welcome Mizzou. It will be a rude welcome, but we'll welcome you," said Razorback Ricky Scanlan.

"It's the best conference in the nation. We're happy to have the tigers join us," said Guy Proctor, a Razorback fan.

Traditions at the University of Arkansas run deep throughout the entire city of Fayetteville. You can't travel far without seeing a car with a minimum of three razorback magnets. You can't even travel far without seeing a red car. Children wearing pig snouts, a live Russian boar at the games, and of course the unforgettable hog call.

Now mid-Missourians may be familiar with the classic MIZ-ZOU chant, but how does WOO PIG SOOIE sound? Razorback fans weren't hesitant to show KOMU how to successfully master this call.

Travelling is a trend for the Southeastern Conference.

"We drove 13 straight hours. We try to make it to at least one out of town game each season," the Seay family said.

"We travelled five hours from Forthworth, Texas," said Walt Gilbertson, the father of a current University Arkansas student.

Most Arkansas fans noted that Columbia isn't very far and plan to make the trip to Columbia once the Razorbacks and Tigers face off.

"My goal is to visit every SEC school. I've been to 10 stadiums so far. Mizzou is definitely on my bucket list," said Christy Correa a Tenessee fan.