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COLUMBIA -- It is goal for high school players, coaches and even athletic directors: a state championship. One local high school that has earned a few recently.

The Rock Bridge Bruins wear their green and gold, but with heavy emphasis on the gold. Girls golf, girls tennis, boys cross country, girls swimming and diving, girls basketball, and boys tennis. All in the 2011- 2012 school year.

Rock Bridge's athletic director, Jennifer Mast, said, "There are schools that have never won a state championship in anything. I can't explain it... Great kids. Great coaches and kind of a community feel of ... Yes we can!" Melissa Coil, the girls' golf coach, shared, "you know I kind of just teased everybody. I was taking full credit for it since we started it off. I was taking full credit for all of it because once golf wins everybody else feels like they have got to win."

They got three in 2010. Then they topped that with six in 2011. November has just started and they already added this one, making it ten team titles at state in less than three years. And the same team that started it last year would lead the way this year as well. "You know people were saying, ohhh this really is a big deal, like golf went back to back. This is kind of major."

"We were there to defend the state title and you just have to go out there and play golf... because if we do that on a given day, there is no way anyone else is going to beat us and that is really what they did."

So what does that mean for Rock Bridge athletics? That remains unknown. As for 2011-2012 Max Preps defined their year as the 8th best high school sports program in the country and the best in Missouri. "There is something to that connection of back to the school as a whole. It was awesome, I mean it continues to be."

The count for this year begins because when it comes to Rock Bridge, you never know when they will be brewing up more state titles.