Reaction Mixed Over MU Motorcycle Parking Regulations

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COLUMBIA - MU students and staff gave mixed opinions Wednesday about the university's decision to start marking where motorcycles can and cannot park.

MU Parking & Transportation Director Jim Joy said bicyclists have complained about motorcycles taking up space at the campus' bicycle racks. He said the university started spraying markings permitting or forbidding motorcycle parking to clarify where students and staff riders can legally park. He said students can apply for a $25 motorcycle permit and park in designated motorcycle spaces, or they can pay $75 for a permit to park in one of the university's regular parking lots.

Student Oliver Schramm said he has to circle around to find a parking space and walk farther when he does find one. He said he and his friends have received parking tickets from the city for violating MU's parking policy, even though the university won't start ticketing riders until October 1.

Another student, Jonathan James, said the restrictions have led to overflow at designated motorcycle areas. He said parked cycles blocked him into a spot recently.

Jim Knapp, an MU staff member who rides a motorcyle to work, said he believes the university's actions are justified. He said it makes sense to clarify where motorcycles can park and asked if letting motorcycles park anywhere was fair to students with cars who must park far away from where their classes are.