Recent home invasion makes neighbors more cautious

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COLUMBIA - Residents of Loch Lane reacted to a recent home invasion that sent one victim to the hospital.

The Columbia Police Department reported Sunday night that a man suffered serious injuries after two men broke into his home, demanded money and opened fire.

“I was really surprised because this is the safest neighborhood I've ever known - I’ve lived here for 20 years,” Loch Lane resident Jane Domke said. "I’ve never heard of anything, so it was a real shock to find out that there was a shooting."

One neighbor said it’s always been a safe and friendly area, where people walk around pushing baby carriages.

“Things like this never happen here,” another Loch Lane resident said.

Beckie Chatman, who also lives on the street, said in her 10 years it’s been a quiet area where people comfortably walk around at night. Now, Chatman said she’s more alert.

“You might hear something and be like, ‘what’s that?'” she said.

Domke said news of the home invasion makes the neighborhood feel different.

“I’m a little bit more cautious,” she said. "I mean I hate to say this, but I didn’t use to lock my door - boy, you better believe I lock my door all the time now.”

According to CPD, the victim of the shooting is stable.