Recent range of extreme temperatures affects road conditions

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COLUMBIA - The extreme temperature difference from last Wednesday into Monday may cause an increase in potholes on the roads.

The engineering and operations manager for Columbia Public Works, Richard Stone, said the freezing thawing can cause the pavement to crack. Mid-Missouri saw a 74 degree temperature change in about 100 hours.

"That water that was frozen then is now liquid, and there's also water coming in through the pavement, coming down to make it softer," he said.

Stone said the city's pavement management process is to keep more roads in "good shape" with fewer potholes.

"The best pothole is one that never forms," he said. "People don't see the ones that don't form." 

Before the weather events, the formation of potholes was lower than normal.

Although Stone said Public Works has seen a decrease in potholes this year, mid-Missouri auto shops have seen an increase in customers because of pothole damage.

Ty Ingram, the lead technician at Plaza Tire, said, with big storms, he sees dozen of disabled cars.

"I expect there to be more because we still have a lot more of the year to go by," he said. "I've seen a lot of craters around town."